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Calm Sea

About Dr. Crockett

I graduated from Pacific University in 2014 with a PsyD in Clinical Psychology, and specialize in treating anxiety, depression, relationship, and identity concerns. Depending on your needs, we can take a directive approach targeting specific symptoms (e.g. social anxiety, excessive worry, panic attacks) or a less structured approach where you can reflect upon your life and identify what you want to pursue.  As an outdoor enthusiast (most photos on this website were taken by me), I also encourage individuals to incorporate Ecotherapy into their lives.

I utilize a collaborative, client-centered, and integrative approach to therapy which draws from cognitive-behavioral, mindfulness, and humanistic therapy systems. The focus is on what is happening in your life TODAY and how you want it to look differently. I strive to provide the right balance between supporting and challenging you that is necessary for your growth and success. 

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